Our Customers Speak

"There is no FDA APPROVED Sterilization Method that is better for Color sensitive herb and botanical products"

Safe Effective Steam Treatment For Bio Burden Reduction In Natural & Organic Dry Ingredients

"I would like to comment on out process experience at Bioactive Resources.  First the staff did a great job in scheduling and confirming receipt of our products, and kept to the predetermined scheduled treatment of our products which limited the time at their facility and allowed on time shipping to our customers.

The process has been validated by an outside third party ISO 17025 lab/process authority to yield a 5-log reduction of Salmonella with validation certificates available. The facility was very clean, which resolved our concerns of possible cross contamination and allergen issues. All products were run at the prescribed thermal process that resulted in a 5-log destruction for Salmonella. We are very satisfied with Bioactive Resource and anticipate using them as our "go to" processing facility"


"Our company came to Bioactive Resources  for their specialized heat treatment process offered under Safe Sterilization Services USA. What we brought them was a challenge - a unique ingredient not widely seen at the processing level outside our own walls. The powdered ingredient had a poor heat transfer characteristics yet could turn off-colored with overexposure to heat. SSUSA took the ownership of the opportunity offered. Their approach was not to simply throw our material into their system and hope for success. They took the time to run the material on multiple settings to find an optimum performance range. They adapted to our own test methods in addition to what they do to insure what was being released for shipment met both their own internal specifications and our unique specifications as well. They did not settle for "good enough" and over time have continued to optimize their system settings for peak performance with our product. They are an open book should questions arise and their quality and production departments work hand in hand to find solutions to any obstacles that arise. Simply put they have become one of our top professional strategic partners for ensuring our future success in our industry. The ownership is refreshing, extremely knowledgeable, very accessible and leads by example. Ten minutes is all you need with them to know you and your product(s) will receive the greatest care and respect possible."