Why Is Sterilization Important?

  • Traditional ingredient harvesting creates opportunities for microbial pathogen exposure.
  • Ingredient contamination levels can be as high as 10 Billion parts per gram
  • Iodizing radiation may compromise color & flavor of ingredients with unclear long term health I'mpacts,
  • The lagging of safety regulations being implemented  on ingredient sterilization in the process food sector.
  • The need for the protection of ingredient integrity, which are so sensitive to heat and moisture.
  • The industry needed a better more advanced solution for treating organics.

What Sets Our Treatment Methods Apart?

  • A continuous process -vs- the dated batch process. 
  • Integrity of both flavor & taste with less than 8% of oil content loss
  • Color remains intact with minimal change in vibrancy
  • No increase in moisture during the process ( even though it is a water based system!)
  • The ability to treat a wide variety of product shapes, forms and sizes.

What Advantages Do Our Processes Offer?

  • The ability to complete 5-6 tons per cycle ( per location).
  • Highly sensitive rare earth magnets and sifting at the end of the process as additional safety precautions.
  • Two strategically located facilities with ability to service product coming through ports and hubs on both coasts.
  • Stringent quality and safety controls in place.
  • HACCP practices and standards maintained.
  • Validation by Certified Labs.
  • A full facility dedicated to low allergen/gluten free processing.

Before And After Images of Processed Ingredients

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