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Bioactive Services Provides Safe Sterilization toll services for wholesale bulk ingredients used in functional food, nutraceuticals, organic food, pet & supplements industries.

With Two Coastal Facilities we offer a proprietary all natural kill-step for bio-burden management of bulk dry food ingredients. Our proprietary continuous process provides exemplary results with a minimum 5 log pathogen reduction outcome in piece sizes from powder to leaf.

Free from radiation or chemical interventions, it provides a safe, gentle and effective treatment that helps maintain the ingredients color, aroma, flavor, consistency and nutrition. The perfect choice for organic or delicate food ingredients.

Our Value Added Services of repackaging, magnetic sifting and an array of safety certifications mean that our clients can reduce their carbon footprint and out-of-pocket costs, as well as reduce  "out of warehouse" times while streamlining logistics.


The Problems


  1. Are your products treated using validated parameters? 

  2. How is your powdered material treated? Do you receive homogenized free flowing, uniform powder back? 

  3. Do you have excessive VO loss? Would you like to minimize the VO loss and maintain organoleptic properties

  4. Would you appreciate in-plant unique identification numbers for each lot?

  5. Do you need to treat blends without segregation of ingredients or loss of components? 

The Solutions

  1. We offer validation parameters developed by third party process expert which corresponds to greater than five log reduction for pathogens.

  2. Our proprietary treatment process continuously churns the product to minimize lump formations. In addition, all material is passed through a centrifugal sifter to separate out any remaining lumps which can be de-lumped back to powder form.

  3. Since the product is subjected to heat and steam for a very short duration (<8 minutes) and subsequently flash cooled to room temperature, the VO losses and degradation of organoleptic properties are minimized.

  4. Each lot to be treated is provided with a unique in-process Lot ID for tracking purposes.

  5. Evaluation of several delicate spice blends and tea blends indicates that the treatment can be performed without segregation of ingredients or any significant loss of blend components.

Talk To Us

 About our proprietary continuous process system that meets all these concerns. Learn how to have superior product results with full confidence in providing safe products for your customers.

 Treatment Options


  • Roasting 

  • Blanching

  • Drying

  • Pasteurization

Categories Served


Functional Foods  & Snacks




Lifestyle Nutrition


lifestyle nutrition, nursing, diabetes, vegan,

Spices & Seasonings




Flours & Pulses


flours, baking mixes, pulses



neutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, supplements

Our Story

Our Safe Sterilization Services came into being in 2009 as a response to the EU's ban on sterilizing raw nutraceutical ingredients with ethylene oxide and iodizing radiation. Wanting to provide a safe and superior heat/steam treatment for both dry & wet food products, they set about creating a proprietary continuous treatment process that could reduce or eliminate contamination in delicate and aromatic ingredients by a safe, natural method. With these new advances, we been able to achieve a ≥5 log microbial outcome without losing the vital properties of flavor, color, aroma, texture or nutrition. 

The process works with products in both cut and powdered forms of:


  • Teas

  • Pulses

  • Flours

  • Seeds

  • Nuts

  • Proteins

  • Herbs

  • Botanicals

  • Spices

  • Vegetables

  • Fibers

  • Grains

If You Are Interested In Dry Natural Food Ingredients, Toll Blending, Custom Formulations, Jar Filling or Turn-Key Blends. Click the link.