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Safe Effective Sterilization For Natural & Organic Ingredients


In forming SSUSA, one of our goals was to provide superior organic sterilization. Our unique technology is specifically advantageous for aromatic products, such as herbs and botanicals, that are very sensitive to heat & moisture. Our process has been optimized to minimize the negative impacts found in traditional sterilization on flavor, color vibrancy and moisture content.

SSUSA was formed in 2009 in response to the FDA’s ban on sterilizing raw nutraceuticals with ethylene oxide and iodizing radiation. We wanted to provide a safe and superior continuous heat/steam treatment for both dry & wet food products that would reduce or eliminate contamination of delicate ingredients in both cut & powdered forms.

  • NSF/GMP Certified
  • Oregon Tilth Organic
  • United Orthodox Kosher
  • 5-8 Tons per cycle per day
  • 2 Locations: East & West Coasts
  • Sterilizes large variety of product sizes


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  • HACPP Protocols Followed

  • Magnetic Separation  as  Standard Procedure

  • Certified Labs Validation

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  • 21 Combined years in Safe Sterile
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